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1900000 + Samples Tested in CSIR Labs
180 + HR Trained on Testing
400000 + Face Masks Distributed

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Oxygen Enrichment Unit
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Oxygen Enrichment Unit
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CSIR Strategy

CSIR is uniquely placed as an S&T organization to deliver these at this critical juncture, having proven expertise in sequencing (first human genome sequencing), diagnostics for rare genetic diseases and being the fountain head of generic industry in the country.

CSIR has advantageously positioned itself to pursue the focused R&D to develop, integrate, scale-up, and deploy necessary technological interventions for combating Coronavirus pandemic in the country. Considering the multifarious problems created by coronavirus which require interventions in several areas and multi-pronged strategy, CSIR has set up five technology verticals for addressing the emerging situation due to pandemic.

These verticals are need based and span multiple research labs and disciplines and draw upon the strength of scientists, students and harness it for the fight against COVID-19. In addition, CSIR is also working on promoting rural employment and providing ready to eat food to migrants and other outreach programs.

V-1. Surveillance

Including digital methods: to understand the genetic basis and develop strategy to combat COVID-19

V-2. Diagnostics

Rapid and economical Diagnostics: Kits based on DNA and serological basis to diagnose the virus at an early stage

V-3. Drugs

Development of new therapies, including repurposing of drugs and new drugs: Vaccine development

V-4. Hospital Assistive Devices

Cheap Hospital assistive devices and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

V-5. Supply Chain

Supply chain management and logistics with regard to availability of materials and resources.

Research Partnership

CSIR being aware that the task is formidable and cannot be accomplished alone, is working in close synergy with other government departments, ministries and agencies on one hand and on the other is hand with Industry, MSMEs and others for scale up, delivery and implementation.

Reliance: PPEs, diagnostics

TATA Sons: Diagnostics, Hospital assistive devices, and rural entrepreneurship

Unilever: Zinc Gluconate and proline complex and rural entrepreneurship

Intel: Digital surveillance

TCS: Digital surveillance and supply chain platform

Cipla: Repurposed drugs

Cadila: Mw as therapy for coronavirus

Bharat Biotech: inactivated vaccine development

BHEL: Electrostatic spray and ventilator

Oxygen Enrichment Unit


Technologies and Products

CSIR is working with various industries to develop technologies and products to fight against COVID-19. View all the Technologies & Products

Diagnostics and Testing

FnCas9 Editor Linked Uniform Detection Assay (FELUDA)

 Tata Sons Ltd
  • Detection of pathogenic sequences or variants in DNA and RNA through a point-of-care diagnostic approach is useful for rapid clinical prognosis.
  • FnCas9 Editor Li...  Read more
Hospital Assistive Devices  (Personal Protective Equipment)

Coverall Suit

 MAF Clothing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Made of certified polypropylene spun ...  Read more
Hospital Assistive Devices  (Dispensers and Disinfectants)

Foot Operated Hand Washing System (Hasta-Suraksha)

 Unicus Engg Pvt Ltd...
  • Compact system is mechanically operated by foot.
  • Does not require any electricity and can be used at any convenient locations.
  • Has built-in mechanism for...  Read more
Hospital Assistive Devices  (Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators)

Bi level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) System Portable Ventilator

 Apollo Computing Laboratories (P) Ltd...
  • SwasthVayu is a BiPAP Non-Invasive ventilator. It is a microcontroller-based precise closed-loop adaptive control system with a built-in biocompatible 3D printed manifol...  Read more
Hospital Assistive Devices  (Hand Sanitizers)

Hand Rub Sanitizer

 ASPL Green Ventures (P) Ltd
  • Sanitizer based on ethanol/isopropyl alcohol.
  • Gel free and allergen free solution.
  • Prepared as per WHO formulation.
 Read more
Hospital Assistive Devices  (Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators)

Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU) based on Membrane Technology For Oxygen Therapy

 Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd....
  • A startup of CSIR-NCL, Genrich Membranes has developed Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU) based on innovative, indigenously developed Hollow-Fiber Membrane technology.This uni...  Read more


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Treasure Hunt of Mining Old Drugs for Repurposing: Favipiravir

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CSIR-Covid19 Blogs

Call for R&D Proposals

CSIR calls for R&D Proposals from Industry and Start Ups under NMITLI Scheme for breakthrough technological interventions against COVID-19

List of projects selected against CSIR-NMITLI Call for Proposals for tackling COVID-19 Click here

Societal Programs

CSIR's Societal Programs for mitigating Coronavirus Pandemic

Rural Entrepreneur-ship

Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship and Employment - with support from industry

Outreach Programs - Face Masks

distributed and transferred technology of making reusable face masks

Outreach Programs - Hand Sanitizers

produced and distributed hand sanitizers and disinfectants

Outreach Programs - Food Distribution

Ready to Eat, protien and micronutrient rich food


Recent videos showcasing CSIR's work on COVID-19

A Short Video of CSIR Fights COVID-19

An Overview of Rational Drug Design by Dr. Shekhar Mande, DG CSIR and Secretary, DSIR

Biopolymer Coated Facemasks developed using CSIR-NCL's patented bacterial nano cellulose technology

Nasopharyngeal Swab developed by CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

Oxygen Enrichment Unit, a medical device developed by CSIR-NCL, Pune

Webinar: Testing, Prevention & Makeshift Hospitals: CSIR's COVID-19 Footprints (in Tamil)

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