Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship & Employment
  • Given the prevailing scenario and large movement of migrant labor to rural and semi-rural areas, CSIR is taking steps to enhance their livelihood. CSIR is planning to support the creation of Rural / Social Enterprises through rural entrepreneurship with support from industry. Training on Disinfectants, Sanitizers, Soaps, Masks, Gloves, Food Products, Water Purification kits, etc. will be provided through social and voluntary organizations. CSIR is in discussion with two such organizations in Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand, respectively.

    • CSIR-NEIST is training people in the North East for face mask making and other activities.
    • CSIR NIIST transferred technology for making Trikatu syrup to Trivandrum-district Palm products development Cooperative Federation Ltd., Parassala, Trivandrum.
    • Breeding, agrotech and germplasm related research activities of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants being undertaken by skeletal farm staff of CSIR-CIMAP during COVID-19. These high-value crops will help in enhancing farmer's income in rural areas.