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BiPAP Non-Invasive ventilator (Bi+AP V1)

CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories Bangalore, a Constituent of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR NAL) has developed a Non Invasive BiPAP Ventilator in a record time of 36 days to treat COVID-19 patients.

BiPAP Non-Invasive ventilator – SwasthVayu developed by CSIR-NAL is a microcontroller-based precise closed-loop adaptive control system with a built-in biocompatible “3D printed manifold & coupler” with HEPA filter (Highly Efficient Particulate Air Filter). These unique features help to alleviate the fear of the virus spread. It has features like Spontaneous, CPAP, Timed, AUTO BIPAP modes with provision to connect Oxygen concentrator or Enrichment unit externally.

  • Three modes :Continuous, Timed and Spontaneous
  • Operation: Automatic and Manual operation
  • UI: Easy to use User Interface
  • Programmable: Programmable respiration cycles
  • Reports: Statistics of each patient for diagnostics

The system has been certified for safety and performance by NABL accredited agencies. The system has undergone stringent biomedical tests and beta clinical trials at NAL Health Centre. The major advantage of this machine is, it is simple to use without any specialized nursing, cost effective, compact and configured with majority of indigenous components.

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Parameters and Specifications


Pressure range

  • 4 - 25 cm H2O

Starting ramp

  • 4 to EPAP min

Breath rate

  • 0 - 30 beats per minute

Data storage capacity

  • up to 3 months, Configurable (optional)

Electrical requirements

  • 100-240 (50/60)VAC (Hz)

Device setup

  • LCD/control wheel/push button

Compliance meter

  • Breathing detection

Altitude compensation

  • Automatic(optional)


  • High Pressure, Low Pressure, Cycle Time overrun. System Fault


  • Configuration Setting for Pressure, Mode of operation, Rate Setting, Number of cycles


  • Input FoamAir Filter,Antibacterial filter

Modes of Operation

three basic modes

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

The ventilator provides Continuous fixed Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP).

Timed Mode

The ventilator provides timed breath delivery with Pressure Support Ventilation. The unit cycles between the IPAP and EPAP levels based solely on the timing intervals

Spontaneous / Timed (S/T Mode)

The ventilator provides spontaneous or timed breath delivery with Pressure Support spontaneous Ventilation. The unit cycles between the IPAP and EPAP levels in response to patient triggering. This mode synchronizes patient breath cycle with the ventilation mechanism.


Four Basic Accessories.

Foam Filter

Output Delivery Hose

Mask Assembly

Anti Bacterial Filter


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