CSIR's works on COVID-19

Biopolymer Coated Facemasks developed using CSIR-NCL's patented bacterial nano cellulose technology

Nasopharyngeal Swab developed by CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

Oxygen Enrichment Unit, a medical device developed by CSIR-NCL, Pune

Webinar: CSIR Fights COVID-19: Computation to Testing and beyond (in Odia)

Malayalam Webinar on "Comprehensive approaches for mitigation of COVID-19" on 28th August 2020

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Testing, Prevention & Makeshift Hospitals: CSIR's COVID-19 Footprints (in Tamil)

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An Overview of Rational Drug Design by Dr. Shekhar Mande, DG CSIR and Secretary, DSIR

'Not ayurvedic': CSIR on plant-based drug ACQH to be tested for Covid treatment

We're going to try phytopharmaceutical ACQH against COVID-19: CSIR DG

We're going to try phytopharmaceutical ACQH against COVID-19: CSIR DG

Coronavirus: DG CSIR Speaks On Restarting Of HCQ Trials


Coronavirus: CSIR ने तैयार की एडवांस Testing Kit, दो दिनों में हो सकेंगे 50000 Test | वनइंडिया हिंदी

CSIR तैयार कर रही है तेज Testing Kit, 2-3 दिन में हो सकेंगे 50 हजार टेस्ट

CSIR Unveils Covid-19 Kit That Delivers Result In Hours | ABP News

CSIR Develops mobile indoor disinfection sprayer to combat COVID-19 spread/A.R.C news

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CSIR Develops Low-Cost, 30-Minute COVID-19 Testing Kit ‘Feluda' | India Positive

AICTE, CSIR embarked on COVID-19 drug discovery ‘hackathon’: PSA to Indian Govt

CSIR & IIIM Jammu Jointly Work On COVID-19 Sample Testing

CSIR and CCMB's role in COVID 19 fight

Positive News: COVID-19 की दवा बनाने के करीब पहुंचा India, CSIR-IICT को मिली सफलता | वनइंडिया हिंदी

CSIR ready to start chemical trial for COVID-19 drug

Dr. Shekhar Mande, DG, CSIR exclusively speaks to DD News over COVID-19

IICT scientists prepare Coronavirus preventive medicine in Hyderabad - TV9

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DG, CSIR Speaks On Anti-Viral Drug To Combat Coronavirus

COVID-19: CSIR develops low-cost, 30-minute testing kit ‘Feluda’

CSIR testing anti-leprosy vaccine Mw for COVID-19, says DG Shekhar Mande

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CSIR Director Face to Face over Corona Virus Medicine | Hyderabad | Telangana Latest News | ABN

CSIR Unveils Covid-19 Kit That Delivers Result In Hours | ABP News

CSIR, DST, DBT will work with ICMR for development of COVID-19 vaccine

Corona testing को CSIR की टीम ने एक New Test Kit Feluda ईजाद | Minutes चलेगा पता Corona Infested

Indian Scientists Develop Paper-Strip Test Kit For Covid-19 Testing, CSIR Lab Makes A Breakthrough

CSIR begins clinical trials for COVID-19 drug

Corona Update : WHO vs CSIR | HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) को लेकर WHO और CSIR की अलग-अलग राय

COVID-19: Comparison between hydroxychloroquine & remdesivir is not right at this moment, says CSIR

Face To Face With CSIR-CCMB Director Rakesh K.Mishra Over Corona | V6 Telugu News

Offbeat 24: লাখ টাকায় 'জীবন', Corona মোকাবিলায় নয়া আবিষ্কার। CSIR। CMERI। ventilator। Covid-19।

Kisan Sabha App developed by CSIR-Central Road Research Institute[H]

'Swasth Vayu' Non invasive ventilator for COVID 19 patients

DG CSIR Highlights CSIRs Fight Against Covid19

DG CSIR talking about CSIR initiatives in the fight against Covid19

A video about how CSIR is contributing to people's welfare in the fight against Covid19

Covid19 - CSIR-CSIO develops a bluetooth enabled cart

Covid-19 vaccine update - India's CSIR testing anti leprosy Mw vaccine

CSIRs big success on Corona Testing Kit

Covid19 - CSIRs big success on Corona Testing Kit

COVID 19 Bulletin 21 Apr 2020 - Hindi

COVID 19 Bulletin 21 Apr 2020 - English

CSIR, DG speaks to DD News over fight against coronavirus

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CSIR to start chemical trial for Covid-19 vaccine

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